Dems to strike ‘so help you God’ from oath taken in front of key House committee, draft shows|Fox News


Texas Republican Rep. Louie Gohmert states that Trump’s choice to reopen the federal government without moneying for a wall is part of his negotiation technique.

A crucial committee in the Democrat-controlled House of Representatives is moving to get rid of the God referral from the oath administered to witnesses testifying prior to the panel, as part of a brand-new guidelines package anticipated to be authorized today, according to a draft obtained specifically by Fox News.

The draft shows that the Home Committee on Natural Resources would ask witnesses to recite just, “Do you solemnly swear or affirm, under charge of law, that the testimony that you will provide is the fact, the entire reality, and absolutely nothing but the truth?”

The guidelines proposal places the words”so help you God”in red brackets, indicating they are slated to be cut.

The draft guidelines likewise get rid of the expression “his or her” throughout the document, altering those two pronouns to “their.” The guidelines in addition modify all references to the committee’s “Chairman” to rather refer only to the committee’s “Chair.”

Other guidelines modifications relate to broadening the committee’s authority over natural gas in Alaska and fossil-fuel resources.

While numerous federal oaths consist of the expression “so assist me God,” some– most notably the governmental oath of workplace– do not.

The full committee is set to vote on the new language this week, and the rules would take impact instantly if adopted. Other committees were still in the process of finalizing their rules on Monday.

“They actually have actually become the party of Karl Marx.”

Republican leaders responded with discouragement to the proposed change, and suggested it was an indication of the Democratic Party’s leftward shift.

“It is amazing, however not unexpected, that the Democrats would try to eliminate God from committee proceedings in one of their very first acts in the majority,” Home Republican Politician Conference Chairwoman Liz Cheney, R-Wyo., informed Fox News. “They really have become the party of Karl Marx.”

Spokespeople for the Natural Resources Committee did not instantly reply to Fox News’ requests for remark. The committee, which has oversight of national forests, wildlife and energy, is chaired by Democratic Arizona Rep. Raul Grijalva.

The proposed modification was not the very first time Democrats have actually sought to strike referrals to God in official celebration files. In 2012, the floor of the Democratic National Convention emerged over an abrupt move to restore to the platform a referral to God and recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital– after heavy criticism from Republicans for initially omitting them. Democrats, however, were hardly in contract over the reversal.

A big and loud group of delegates screamed “no” as the convention chairman (then-Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa) called for the vote. Villaraigosa had to require the vote three times prior to ruling that the “ayes” had it. Lots of in the crowd booed after he identified the language would be brought back.

Hard-left Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar is dealing with reaction and accusations of homophobia after duplicating unwarranted accusations pressed by MSNBC and liberal activists that South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham is being blackmailed into supporting President Trump. (AP Photo/Jim Mone)

The battle marked the greatest platform fight in either celebration’s convention, and signaled Democrats were worried the prior language could have been politically harmful in a tight election year.

A senior campaign official informed Fox News at the time that then-President Barack Obama personally stepped in to change the language in both cases. On the God recommendation, the official stated the president’s action was, “Why did it change in the very first place?”

The House panel’s proposed modification comes as far-left progressive Democratic freshman in Congress, including Michigan Rep. Rashida Tlaib and Minnesota Ilhan Omar, have come under fire from Republicans for pushing what they call extreme and unproven religious-based attacks.

Omar, for example, composed in 2012 that “Israel has hypnotized the world, may Allah awaken individuals and assist them see the wicked behaviors of Israel.” Tlaib was accused of engaging in an anti-Semitic slur previously this month by recommending Republican political leaders were genuinely loyal to Israel, not the United States.

Omar and Tlaib made history by becoming the first-ever Muslim women in Congress.