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What better way to start black history month than to share this list of African American personal finance bloggers. Last year, I saw a story in Newsweek that stated African Americans in Boston had a net worth of $8. I thought it was a joke at first but, unfortunately, it’s not.

According to RT, the median African American’s net worth is $7000, compared to white households at $111,000. Man, we have some work to do.

For years I’ve heard that many African Americans only care about spending money and not saving or investing. The bloggers that I am sharing with you today are helping to change that. This article is a resource where you can find many of the African American personal finance bloggers in one place. Let’s get started with the list.

Sandy Smith is the mastermind behind Yes, I Am Cheap. She paid off a $50,000 debt in two years. Sandy has done several side hustles over the years. One of her favorites is selling things on Amazon. Check her site out if you are looking for motivation.

For more information about how Sandy eliminated $50,000 worth of debt in two years, go here.

Taylor is a Certified Financial Education Instructor and owner of Tay Talks Money. She educates millennials about their finances. She wants people to enjoy their lives.

Chonce Maddox Rhea started her website in 2014 to document her journey to pay off debt. She went from being a single mother to being debt free in a few short years.

Find out why Chonce left a stable paycheck for an uncertain income.

Michelle Jackson is based in Denver, Colorado. On her blog, she discusses all things money. She even has a podcast called Girl Gone Frugal (Again).

Kevin Matthews II is the founder of Building Bread. He is one of Investopedia’s Top 100 Financial Advisors. Building bread was created to help millennials achieve any financial goal.

Grab his free guide that goes over the four investments every person should own here.

Crystal Hammond has been writing at Sophisticated Spender since 2011. She is a proud graduate of Ohio State University. Side hustles are her passion.

Check out Crystal’s article 5 Reasons It’s Better to Rent Than Buy

Dominique Brown is a licensed financial advisor and Realtor. He’s a credit guru. He’s helped thousands of people increase their credit scores over the years. If you’re struggling with bad credit, visit his site ASAP!

Take a look at Dominique’s free class that shows you how to go from bad credit to homeowner in a year here.

LaTisha Styles is a personal finance expert. She helps people earn money by utilizing skills that they already have. She also has a new site called Creating Coins that will help you take your business to the next level.

Tai Stewart is the creator of Saidia Financial Solutions. She helps entrepreneurs and small business owners by developing customized tax accounting strategies.

In this post, Tai shares with us 4 Steps to Paying Quarterly Taxes on Time 

Talaat and Tai McNeely are America’s number one money couple. They are helping couples face their money problems head-on instead of hiding. Money is one of the biggest reasons that couples argue. They are helping you communicate about your finances (and more) before it gets to that point.

When you get a chance, listen to the His & Her Money podcast.

Candice Marie is a full-time entrepreneur. Six years ago, she had a negative net worth. Now Candice is debt free! She gives people real-life advice that they can use.

Here’s one of Candice’s latest posts, Debt Free… Now What?

Dorethia Kelly created the Money Chat. She discusses credit tips, debt, spending, and business information on her website.

Formerly known as The Butler Journal, My Money Chronicles is a site that I created in 2013. At the time, my finances were in a bad place. I had very little savings and a lot of debt. I started this site to hold myself accountable. In the beginning, there were a lot of ups and downs, but in 2015 I started getting serious. Since that time, I’ve raised my credit score by 200 points and have paid down some of my debt.

The Black Market Exchange is an excellent resource that anyone should check out if they want to learn more about investing. Dr. Eric Patrick blends hip-hop and investing to make it more relatable to millennials.

Check out this article discussing Options.

Aja McClanahan is based in Chicago. She and her husband paid off $120,000 worth of debt. They made some drastic decisions to make that happen such as moving to the hood. On her site, she discusses topics such as increasing your income, building wealth and getting out of debt.

In this post, she shares how she owns two homes debt free.

Faithful With A Few is a blog by Khaleef and Sherrian Crumbley. Their goal is to help Christians gain control or their finances so that they can worship and give freely. They also have another site called Fat Guy Skinny Wallet.

Wilson Muscadin is the founder of The Money Speakeasy. He’s a financial coach, Certified Financial Instructor, and speaker. The Money Speakeasy is an outlet to discuss topics such as budgeting, housing, and insurance.

Andrea Amir is the founder of Smart Money Chicks. Andrea faced financial hardship by filing bankruptcy twice in one year due to bad advice. That lit a fire under her. She is now a Certified Personal Finance Educator and Certified Housing Counselor. Andrea educates others on financial issues.

Holly Reid is a Certified Public Accountant. The Master Playbook was created to break the cycle of paycheck to paycheck living and to help adults create a financial legacy worth leaving.

Holly tells us how to Visualize Your Way to Financial Success.

Jaleesa Ann is a wealth strategist, speaker and success coach. My Money Mogul is all about helping people increase income, eliminate debt, and live the life you dream about.

Jaleesa gives up the Do’s and Don’ts of a Joint Account.

Lynnette Khalfani-Cox is the brains behind Ask The Money Coach. She is a personal finance expert, television and radio personality. Lynnette is an award-winning financial news journalist and former Wall Street Journal reporter for CNBC. Lynnette paid off $100,000 worth of credit card debt in three years. That’s amazing.

Check out this post titled Should You Invest in Bitcoin?

Natasha Campbell is the founder of Wealthy Stylist. Her site focuses on inspirational topics, personal finance topic, and business topics.

For more information, check out her site here.

Rhonda Williams is a master money trainer, coach, and speaker. She believes that living free is a major key to releasing ones inherited purpose, passion and best self.

Find out her story here.

Tarra Jackson is the author of the best selling book “Financial Fornication.” She is a financial coach that helps people get better relationships with their finances.

Netivia Heard is the founder of MNH Financial Services. She’s also known as “The Frugal CrediTnista.” Her mission is to educate, empower and equip women and couples with the with the solutions they need to transform their finances for the better.

Patrice Washington is a personal finance expert. She’s been everywhere from Steve Harvey’s shows to Dr. Oz. Patrice is a number one selling author. She wants people to follow their purpose and not money.

Patrice also has a podcast. Listen to The Redefining Wealth Podcast here.

Ash Exantus is the creator of the site I Am Ash Cash. He’s a personal finance expert, a former bank executive, speaker, and brand ambassador. His mission is to help people transform their mind and their money.

Nicole Walters is an income strategist, entrepreneur and founder of the Monetized Life. She helps people find clarity, grow their networks, gain confidence and monetize their lives.

Tela Holcomb is a stocks and options trader. She teaches people how to break free from their 9-5 job by learning and investing in the stock market.

Sign up for her free stock market course here.

My Fab Finance was started in 2013 by Tonya Rapley-Flash. Tonya is a speaker and entrepreneur. She uses her story to empower women and girls of all ages.

Girls Just Wanna Have Funds was founded in 2003. This site was created to help women secure their financial futures without sacrificing time with their families.

Join the Passive Income Challenge today.

Amber Berry is the founder of Feel Good Finances. She’s on a mission to help millennial women feel good about their finances.

Amber tells us how she made over $2000 on Upwork.

Clever Girl Finance was created by Bola Sokunbi. She is a Certified Financial Education Instructor. She aims to help women become accountable, ditch debt, save money and build real wealth.

Melisa Boutin is behind Your Money Worth. She created her site to be a resource for Caribbean millennials.

Learn more about Melisa here.

Paychecks and Balances is a podcast by Rich & Marcus. They discuss money management, personal growth and other topics that are relevant to millennials.

Listen to the podcast here.

Ebong Eka is a CPA and an entrepreneur. He helps business raise their prices and get more clients.

In this post, Ebong gives advice on business partnerships.

La Shaun Coronel created Divas R Frugal to document her journey to financial freedom. She discusses goal setting, personal finance, beauty and more on her blog.

Reese Financial Services was created by Dr. Dominique Reese. She is a personal finance expert with over ten years of experience in the financial services industry.

Check out this post titled Does Your Savings Strategy Need a Professional Review?

Dr. Maria James is the founder of Pocket of Money. On her site, she shares her knowledge of financial management. Dr. James empowers people with the skills they need to control their money.

Listen to her latest podcast episode here.

Dominique Broadway is an award-winning financial planner. She helps people demystify their finances and bring their dreams to reality.

Marsha Barnes is the founder of The Finance Bar. It is a personal finance suite and mobile hub that is bridging the gap between individuals and financial wellness.

Kara Stevens is The Frugal Feminista. She wants women to be happy, to be wealthy and to be brave. Kara talks about Love & Money, #BlackGirlMagic, Credit and more on her site.

Tiffany ” The Budgetnista” Aliche is an award-winning personal finance educator. She helps people master their money.

Check out The Budgetnista’s “Live Richer Challenge” when you get a chance.

Financially Fit & Fab was started by Tia Chambers. Tia is a Certified Financial Education instructor. She helps millennials kick their finances into shape.

Naima-Ra Johnson is the founder of Align Credit. The site was started in 2015. She helps families increase their credit scores, build wealth and tithe.

Here’s a post that goes over Four Basic Steps to Rebuild Your Credit

Patrina Dixon is an advocate for financial literacy. She founded the site It’s My Money Journal. She helps young people understand finances.

In this post, Patrina tells us how she traveled from Connecticut to Atlanta for under $150.

Bottom Up Wealth was created by Alanya Kolberg. She helps people take back their financial lives by showing them how to achieve financial freedom.

Debt Free Divas has been around since 2010. Toni Husbands is one of the co-founders. She and her husband paid off $107,000 in seven years.

Check out her podcast here.

Del Shawn Hayes is the creator of Hayes Financial Coaching. Her mission is to empower and educated individuals, couple and families with the tools to meet their financial goals, build wealth, and to achieve complete money control.

Check out the Hayes Financial Accountability Program when you get a chance.

ADLT 101 was started by Jennifer Jackson, who is a Millennial Transition Coach. She helps students and recent grads navigate life after college.

Courtney Richardson is the founder of The Ivy Investor. It’s a resource for women seeking to navigate the maze of the investment world.

In this post, Courtney tells us 3 things to do before you spend your tax return.

Jamila is the creator of the blog and podcast, Journey to Launch. Her goal is to help people eliminate debt and increase their net worth.

Check out how she and her husband saved $85,000 in 2016.

Popcorn Finance was created by Chris. It’s a podcast that discusses different personal finance topics.

Check out this episode about Bonds.

Alaya Linton is a personal finance coach. Her site is meant to be a source of hope for people who are frustrated, hopeless or angry about their personal finances.

In this article, she discusses how she paid off her debt.

Anthony Copeman is the creator of Financial Lituation. He’s a Certified Financial Education Instructor. He aims to help millennials reinvent their finances and reimagine their freedom, so they can live the lives they were created to do.

Dr. Boyce Watkins is a financial scholar. He has created several programs to help African Americans such as The Black Business School and The Black Wealth Bootcamp.

Alanna Anthony started Financialdemics because she wanted to educate people about the financial mistakes that she made. She is a Certified Financial Educator and Personal Finance Coach.

Check out her money story here.

Ashley Harlan created Miss Sistanomics to help change people’s mindsets and narratives about money.

Check out Miss Sistanomics 2018 Book Challenge.

Shani Curry-St. ViI is a financial expert. Purse empowerment evokes women to think about money beyond what it can afford them.

Take a look at Shani’s Money Monday’s web series.

Jason Brown is the founder of The Brown Report. He is a Stock Market Coach and Trader. He teaches people about the stock market.

When you get a chance, check out his free stock market secrets webinar.

Jasmine Watts founded Miss Millennial Magazine in 2011. She wants to make sure that people are financially fit, healthy and making the right life decisions.

Steven M. Hughes launched Know Money in 2014. Know Money empowers millennials to make sound financial decisions through entrepreneurship training, financial literacy and interactive community events.

For more info about Steven, go here.

Latoya is a Certified Financial Education Instructor and personal finance writer. She created Life and Budget to help people get out of the paycheck to paycheck lifestyle.

Take a look at her post titled 22 Ways to Treat Yo’Self Without Spending Money.

Kendra Barnes is a real estate investor. She’s on a mission to change the perception of what a real estate investor looks like.

Damien Peters is the founder of Wealth Noir. The purpose of this site is to teach the importance of generational wealth and financial freedom to Black millennial professionals.

Check out this article titled Your Home is not an Investment, Sorry.

Michelle Singletary is a personal finance expert and author.

Here’s some info about one of her books titled The 21 Day Financial Fast.

Kendra James is the creator of The Finance Femme. She is your business finance guru.

Check out her site here.

Kristin Sutton runs the blog Debt Free Black Girl. Her site is a resource to show millennial women how to live lavish while they are on a budget and paying off debt.

In this post. Kristin goes over 3 Emotional Consequences of Being in Debt.

Julien & Kiersten Saunders are the owners of Rich & Regular. Their goal is to help people reverse trends, empower families and change lives for the better.

In this post, they share their 2019 Financial Plan.

Elisha is the creator of Madam Budget. She’s here to help you get your financial life in order.

Check out here website here for more info.

Andre Albritton is a personal finance coach and owner of The Millennials Next Door.

In this post, he talks about 11 Big Money Wasters.

MJ Bridges is the creator of Young and Debt Free. His goal is to inspire young professionals and college students to eliminate debt.

Check out his website here.

Sharita Humphrey is the owner of this site. She focuses on Faith, Family & Finance.

Check out this post where she shows you How to Take Your Budgeting to the Next Level.

Shante Nicole is the creator of Financial Common Cents.

Check her site out here.

Nicole is the owner of Frugal Chic Life. She created this blog to document her journey to financial freedom and to share what she learned along the way.

Check out this post where she discusses Debt Freedom, Financial Freedom, and Fire.

Danielle Desir is the creator of The Thought Card. Her site discusses travel and finance related issues.

Check out this post titled Weekend Boston Guide.

Ja’Net Adams is the founder of this site. She likes to help people win with money.

Check her out here.

Stephanie is the creator of  Finances on Point. She is a Certified Financial Education Instructor and money coach.

Jackie Jones is the owner of Sugar and Money.

In this article, she shows you How to Pay off Thousands of Credit Card Debt.

The Reluctant Frugalist is a site where Mrs. RF writes about her journey towards financial independence.

Check out her site here.

Melody Wright is a Financial Empowerment Coach and the creator of Broke on Purpose.

In this post, she shares her 2018 Financial Recap.

Tiffany is the owner of Money Talk With Tiff.

Check out her site here.

After reading this post, people can never say that there aren’t any African American personal finance bloggers out there. We’re here to educate people and to change negative stereotypes.